GOC Message


It is indeed heartening to know that Army Public School, Mathura Cantt is putting in consistent and tremendous effort to nurture the inherent talents of the young students.
With the ever changing social system, schools must consistently strive to develop every child’s potential, duly recognizing their abilities and encourage positive Self-esteem in order to develop them into responsible future citizens of India.
I would impress upon the teachers to shoulder this onerous responsibility and groom the personality of these young individuals who are transiting into adulthood. If we groom an individual, we groom a society and we groom a society, we groom a nation.
I am happy to note that enterprise and innovation has led to immense growth of the institution. I wish APS Mathura Cantt roaring success in the coming years.

God Bless ! , ' Jai Hind '

(Taranjit Singh)
Lt Gen Patron –in-Chief

COS Message


The new millennium has brought in its wake an array of global changes which were unheard of earlier. Life today is on the fast track with the rapid changes in the field of science, technology, management and information. This situation demands readiness to face the increasing pace of changes and new challenges. Children today are technologically vibrant, mentally agile and have their own perspectives, ideas and logic.
APS Mathura Cantt equips the children to face the contemporary competitive world with the grit and determination to meet the needs and aspirations of the ever changing and demanding times. A pioneering spirit and will succeed in the face challenges are the pillars on which the foundation of our school rests.
I convey my heartfelt felicitations to each and every member of the school for the contribution. I am confident that continued hard work and dedication will bring many more laurels and glory to the school in times to come.

God Bless ! , ' Jai Hind '

(U Suresh Kumar)
Maj Gen Patron

Address !

Army Public School
New RATC Lines , Near Sakti Dwar, Mathura Cantt.
Phone :- 0565-2401742
Email:- apsmathuracantt@gmail.com
Website : www.apsmathuracantt.com