Fees Schedule

APR - JUN 2018 05-20 APR 2018
JUL - SEP 2018 05-20 JUL 2018
OCT - DEC 2018 05-20 OCT 2018
JAN - MAR 2019 05-20 JAN 2019

Note :

  •   The fees can be submitted through Debit/Credit Card or can be paid Online Using Digicamp Software. There is no other mode of payment will be accepted because School Campus is cashless.
  •  Fee will be collected by School in AWWA Canteen Near Junior Wing from date 5th of the Month to the date 20th of the month. After that fees will be collected in School Campus Sr. wing, Near Sakti Dwar, New RATC Lines Mathura.
  • Parents are requested to kindly fill the fees book properly as Admission Number, Name of the Student, Class, Section, Mobile Number must be correct. If any confusion then please contact to the office before submitting the fees.
  • If fee not paid by Due Date, Late Fee will Charged as under:-
  • Upto 20th of the month      Rs.    20/-
  • Upto 1 Month                        Rs.    50/-
  • Upto 2 Month                        Rs. 100/-
  • Upto 3 Month                        Rs. 150/-

Address !

Army Public School
New RATC Lines , Near Sakti Dwar, Mathura Cantt.
Phone :- 0565-2401742
Email:- apsmathuracantt@gmail.com
Website : www.apsmathuracantt.com